What lk150 questions do you have?


I want to put together a series of helpful videos. What questions do you have?

LK140 and LK150

I’m am afraid of my 150 and was wondering if you are going to do video classes for chickens like me…


Yes!!! Lk150 for chickens will be launching around May 1.


I am looking forward to it!! I have my machine set up and it sits here gawking at me and I’m sure it knows it is harassing me to the point of distraction! LOL!!


What’s stopping you from casting on and knitting something, @MEEKMARY ?


LeaAnn… I believe I have the LK150 - correct? Can you tell me want the difference is between the two machines??


Hi Mary, the difference between the lk140 and the lk150 is ten needles. Yes you have the 150. Lea-Ann