What is your Favorite hat pattern


I’d love to know what some favorite hat patterns are. I just started a Barley for my granddaughter.


Hi TheresaB, I personally like the spiral rib hat put out by Ann Norling many years ago. K2, P2 that moves one stitch every four rows, I think. . .


I haven’t ever done that one. I’ll be interested to see what others are.


Hi LeaAnn… It is called a “spiral rib”??


Hi Mary, yes, it is called the Spiral Rib Hat by Ann Norling. It doesn’t have ribbing (well, technically even though it is k2, p2), so it doesn’t hug the head real tight. And the gauge is much wider than stockinette stitch so we don’t use quite as many stitches. I just looked and the pattern is not available on ravelry :frowning: … I’ll have to check our stash and see if we still have at least one for me.


Well, if you have 2, put my name on one!


I finished the Barley hat and had lots of yarn left so I faked a spiral rib hat. With no pattern, I just went for it. I can’t believe I didn’t get pics of her in either one.


No pictures. Sounds like me. :no_mouth: