Status check: 8/17/19

I finished the first 20 rows, after a lot if restarts…

  1. I kept forgetting it bring the yfwd at the end of the row so my icord was backward.
  2. I’d lose my place. It wasn’t until row 13 that I felt like I understood the pattern.
  3. I missed the k4 at the beginning of row 6 a few times so my slip stitched aligned instead of being offset.
  4. I missed the knit 1 on the wrong side rows with the contrast so it was just stockinette.
  5. I really like the size 10 sharp needles better.

Your turn!!! Check in time.

I got off on the pattern a few rows back. I’m going to take out it out anyway though. I was using a size 8 needle & I want to use 10 instead.