Round blanket- pattern needed


Havem’t knitted in a long time on my Bond but starting up again. Does anyone have the old pattern for knitting a round blanket? I want to make it to put my christmas tree on. Please if you have it would you please send it to
Much appreciation thanks!


Wasn’t that Ann Yotter that put that together? I’m sure I have it in my old bond archives. @TheresaB, @Tmays55, @rsstew2002 … Do any of you have it??


Is this it??

Friday, May 14, 2010 12:40 PM
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Cleaning out a mailbox looking for your hat patterns and just ran across
some others you will find useful later.
Ann in Tenn

This project (knitting a circle) is much easier to do on the machine than
by hand. You can try it as a small thing using about 14 sts. That is how I
taught it at knitting
camp. For a baby blanket I use somewhere from 75 to 100 sts and an adult
afghan runs 100-130 sts. Use KP2 with baby sport yarn (3 6-oz skeins or 2
of 2 colors)or KP3 with worsted weight yarn (takes 5 8-oz skins- about 4
for each 100 st wedge). 100 sts in WW is 5 ft in diameter, 130 sts is 6
across. It works best using all claw weights and not the plastic hem at
because the hem quickly hangs at a steep slant. You can use the hem if
haven’t got enough weights (I use 4 lg claws and at least 6 small ones
a fishing weight for the edge st on the outside edge for 100 sts), but you
still need at least 3 small claw weights that you will have to move almost
constantly to keep even weight on the sts on either side of the boundary
where the needles are in and out of work. Keep 1 behind the boundary and
out in front on the needles still in work. then rehang the hem each time
you start a new wedge. The round afghan with the swirl takes 10 wedges
total. You can also make it with a spiral of lace holes or not. Using
small circle, try both and see what you like and just how much the holes
show up. Make one of each, then put the wrong sides together and crochet
the outside edges and you will have a hotmat for the table. If you use
cotton, it is a good hotpad, but use KP2 with the worsted weight cotton.

First you cast on 100 sts (or your desired number) with several rows of
then knit a row of ravel cord. Next start on the left side of the bed and
knit across all needles. COR.

For lace holes: Place the far left 2 needles in HP and knit 2 rows.
Repeat until you are down to 1 or 2 needles, depending on how many you
started with. (I try to use an even number so 2 are left). Then put all
needles in FWP and knit across all the needles twice. COR. One wedge
you need 10. On the last wedge, use WY to knit across all the needles
several rows. Your graft row will pair up with the starting row to make
pair of rows that join the first and last wedge.

No lace holes: Place 1 needle on the left side in HP and knit 1 row.
Repeat this until you are down to 2 sts. Continue as above, making 10
wedges, putting the last one on WY. Leave a tail that is 3 times the
of the needles used plus a couple inches.

This works an automatic wrap to eliminate the holes. I find this easier
keep track of as I knit: 1 needle to HP every row. Get in a habit so you
always knit a row then remove the leftmost needle, THEN stop if you have
so you are always ready to knit. You will notice a pattern form on the
needles of 1 starnd of yarn, then the next needle will have 2 strands (the
st and the wrap). They will alternate across the row. DON’T get hung up
and worry about ripping out if you mess up and forget to take a needle
of work. Trust me, you will never see it and it isn’t worth the hassle if
you missed it and see it later.

When you have 10 wedges with the last one on WY, remove from the machine.
Rehang the first row where you started (the one on the ravel cord) so it
right side facing you on the machine. Push all needles to HP and the work
against the bed. Now rehang the last row of the afghan so you see the
of it on the needles. Push it behind the latches also, close them, then
center the knitting on the needle shanks behind the latches. Unravel the
to get it out of the way. I’ve found if you leave it on, it will get
as you work the graft and you will have to cut it off later. Since I am
using a permanent rag hem in place of my hem and WY, I remove it

Using your long tail and a blunt yarn needle (a bent chibi is best) work
graft joining the 2 rows as follows:
The tail is joined to the edge st of the front layer on the right. Come
forward thru both sts on the right edge needle (#1). Now go into the
st of needle 2 AND the back st of 1 on a slant. Then come forward thru
sts on needle 2. Keep the yarn under the machine needles and you will see
purl bump form between each pair of needles on the front and the back
Keep alternating a straight forward st on 1 needle, then a slanted inward
between 2 needles across the row until you reach the left edge. Take one
extra st on the last needle and let the yarn wrap the left edge to anchor
the yarn so it won’t pull the row tight when you gather the center.
from the machine. Using a tail and the yarn needle, take a whip st around
the hole into each long strand (about 5 or 6), gather and tie tightly,
weave the ends in. Trim after you wash.

You can make it all one color, make it in 2 colors so it looks like a
pinwheel or put a contrasting spiral on a single color afghan. If you do
spiral, be sure the spiral color stands out from what is used in the main
color. I have some outstanding examples of how NOT to choose the colors!
If the spiral is on a multicolor yarn, DO NOT use one of the colors in it
for the spiral! Make sure there is a lot of contrast in both color AND
value! If the values are very close, even being a different color won’t
help. I had to rip out one afghan completely one time because the spiral
didn’t show up even though it was a completely different color.

To make a spiral, knit the first 2 or 4 rows of the wedge in the spiral
color, then drop it and change to the main color. when you kit the row
bringing all needles back to work, treat it as an intarsia row, changing
colors (the yarn will be hanging where you need it) when you reach the
change at the center. I knit all but the spiral color with the carriage,
then do the last 2 or 4 by hand. Be sure to twist the 2 yarns so they
and if you knit a 4 row spiral, on row 3 of it, lift up the main yarn and
drape it over the 3rd needle behind the latch so the long float gets
in so you don’t have a long yarn piece carried up on the back side.

As long as all yarn tails are in the center of the afghan, you never have
carry a color more than a couple rows or cut the yarn unless you tackle
of the 5 color things!


Lea-Ann, you found it before I could even look for it.
I haven’t made that one since my almost 18 year old granddaughter was just about a year old.



Thank you all for the pattern. It’s been so long since I knitted I hope I don’t run into trouble. If I do I’ll reach out to all of you again.LOL


ty for all the info on the pattern. I thought I knitted it together on
the machine? It’s been so long I don’t remember. Will work on it. If I get
in trouble I’ll let you know. LOL Thanks, Susan Gorden

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September 4

Is this it??
Friday, May 14, 2010 12:40 PM
Cleaning out a mailbox looking for your hat patterns and just ran across
some others you will find useful later.
Ann in Tenn


Thanks so much for the pattern. I haven’t knitted in so long I hope I don’t run into trouble. If I do I’ll let you know and ask for your help again. LOL Thanks, Susan Gorden


Would you believe I’m just starting my christmas tree skirt. I have a dumb question. LOL I start with 100 stiches, then do I put move 1 stitch from each side onto the next inside needle?? When you say hold position is that what you mean?? Thanks for the help.



Hi Susan, no decreases. You are doing short rows.