Quarterly classes?


What do you think about coming to knitting today for a quarterly class?


Hi Lea Ann,
Can’t believe I was at your sleepover camp almost 17 yrs ago. Haven’t knitted in about 10 years. Going to start again but can’t remember how to get the black hem off of the knitting? Do I rehang the stitches and then bind off? Or, if I use waste yarn do I just remove it and not have to bind off? Please explain. Thanks. If you ever decide to do sleep away camp again I’d love to come.

Susan Gorden

Picking up open stitches from Black hem on bond

Hi Susan!! So glad to see you checking in here.
The best way to finish off the open edge is to either start with a closed edge (e-wrap or latch tool) or waste yarn cast on.

If you didn’t start that way and now find you have open loops, I’d probably use a darning needle and back stitch bind off through them. I’m sorry I can’t shoot a video right now. I’m home with no machine or vehicle at the moment.
It has been 10 years since our last camp iwannaknit. I’d love to hold a reunion get together sometime.