Now Open to New Basic (Free) Members


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I’ve found a way to get everyone moved from point a through point d in the software for ClubKnit so I’ve opened up membership to new Basic (free) members. Now, you all are members already, but expect to start receiving more emails from me based on what you are members too. And remember that you…


Commenting here to start the discussion … Did you know there is a discourse app for Android?? It makes it tons easier to participate.


Glad to see your dreams are coming to fruition. I’m looking forward to the future.


You got in, Mary Ann!! Tell me how you did it… Log into, email notice, how???


I clicked on the link in the e-mail I received this AM. My MacBook automatically logged me in. So whatever the problem was — it’s cured!


I think the email is generated my the forum software (discourse). Were you
able to read my whole blog post then over at