November 2017 News: backzip baby jacket, website design, family


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Three Things for November, Thanksgiving 2017 Website Design Back Zip baby jacket for an online colleague time with family Website Design One day while enroute to Great Lakes for a coffee, I just had this vision of what I want to look like. I had to pull off the road, and into a turnout…


Lea-Ann. This commenting process is very complicated, just saying. You asked for ideas, well here is mine: I would like to see the beginning of a row and the end of a row being tinked. I still cannot visualize this so I never do it correctly. I have yet to find an accurate video depicting this, the first stitch is always the worse as it gets too big so when I back the stitch out I am doing it wrong.


Yes, the commenting thing is something I’m working on. I have it routed
through the forums, but it didn’t work like I expected.

Great idea about the edge stitches. I actually have a sample of that in
Fisher Lassie.

I have a “content calendar” now so I’ll get it scheduled.

Thanks, Kathy!