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Welcome to the new community forum site. The features are numerous. Go ahead, go to and check it out! Features Blog Comments Free Forum area for Hand Knitters and Machine Knitters Email delivery and replies Upload pictures [can we do videos too??] Course comments, Q&A area Go ahead . . . … comment and let me know…


Getting used to the way it all flows . . . I like it so far on both my computer and the phone browser. I have a list of categories if you click the three bars in the top right corner. Next to the category it should show you if there are any unread posts.

Two questions:
Did you get a digest delivery? Did you get individual delivery and did you try email response?


I got an email inviting me to join the conversation.


This is what I got in the email…I’m replying to respond via email and
testing to see if the image posts as well.


Hi, This is Terry. I found the site we were on yesterday on my lap top. I am navigating my way around. Just wanted to let you know.


Hi everyone . . . don’t know if you can see my picture when I post. I’ll have to find out where that came from and include instructions so you guys can all get a picture too :slight_smile:


Hi Terry, you made it back! Good job!


I can see your picture. :slight_smile:


Here’s how you change your picture … Click the circle in the top right corner, select the gear icon, edit your picture…


I just found the Discourse app in Google play store. This will make it a lot easier to participate in the forums.