Hello ... about me and tell me about you!


Welcome to the machine knitting community here at clubKnit!! I’m Lea-Ann, except I just realized I’m logged in as admin . . . shoot! Anyways, I hand and machine (mainly LK150 now) knit. Tell me about you!!!

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HI! Theresa here. I hand and machine knit. Have an LK150, a Bond ISM with USM upgrade and an Artisan standard gauge that I never use.


I’m Kathy. I machine and hand knit, but mostly machine knit. I have a LK 150, Studio 155, Silver Reed 860, Studio 700, Studio 840, Studio 500. The metal machines all have ribbers. Hiding somewhere on a closet shelf are a Bond USM and a Knit Smart Afghaner. I had decided not to collect more machines and use more knitting time to reduce excess stash.


I don’t think I realized how many machines you have. I can’t have more than one of my three set up at a time especially with the sewing machines, looms, and spinning wheel that also belong in that room.


I have one machine at home, the lk. The usm is in its suitcase. And at the warehouse (store), I have a 160+ribber I need to sell.


Hello LeaAnn! Happy to be here and looking forward to sharing many happy hours with you! I hand knit and have my LK150 set up and ready to go although I am truly intimidated and have done hardly anything with it yet… I will be excited to build my courage and dive into the pool! Sure wish I was closer as I am really and “show me” kind of learner! That being said I will be very interested in the instruction videos you will be doing! Loving your dedication… always have, always will!!


Most of mine are not set up due to lack of space. Right now, the Studio 155 is the only one ready to use. the others are tucked here and there. The LK 150 goes to the Creative Knitters meetings with me and sometimes is used at home. Then there are the spinning wheels, sewing & embroidery machines, and now looms taking over. I bought the toys while working full time and now that I semi-retired, I’m hoping to get spaces organized and actually use my toys.


Hi there, Rebecca here. Also known as Kwharrod’s sister (Hi, Kathy!)
I have an LK-150, a Brother KH-940, Brother KH-260, and Brother KH-910 that all get used periodically. The 910 the least. I also have lurking under a bed a Bond, extensions and a KnitSmart. The Bond was out of hiding a couple months ago as I was helping a new knitter with hers.

In addition, I have 3 spinning wheels (only use the Louet), and a still new to me Ashford 20" Knitter’s Loom. And then there is the serger I haven’t tackled learning yet, too.

I only have one machine at a time set up. The LK goes to a monthly meeting with me.

Glad to be here! Hi Teresa!



Glad you made it Rebecca!!!



Hello there! I am jealous of your LK! Would love to find monthly meeting in my area!! Maybe I would learn how to use it and not be such a chicken!!


Hi I’m Karen,
I hand and machine knit, spin, weave and work at Webs. For machines I have an HK100, SK700 & 155 both with ribbers and a brother 893i with ribber. I’m getting back to mk-ing after a very long time so consider myself quite a newbie, not quite an advance beginner lol. I am looking for inspiration and also like to help others when possible. I live in Western Mass and would love to meet up with others in this area.
I am looking forward to being a member of this community.


hi Karen! glad to have you join us. will you be at TNNA this weekend by
chance? looking forward to hearing more from you. feel free to start a
topic and get us going!