Hello! About me . . . . and tell me about you!



Hi, I’m Lea-Ann, owner of Knitting Today. I have been working on this online knitting community since 2010!!! Within the past three months, new technology has let me pull it all together. You would not believe how much has gone into the back end of making this work. Anyways . . . . I’m a hand knitter and machine knitter (LK150 and USM), so you’ll see me post in both areas. But first, tell me about you!!!

If you have any questions about how this site operates, please post it in the Site Help category!!!


HI! Theresa here again. I hope this forum becomes so busy that I have trouble keeping up.


I am signed up for the emails from meta.discourse.com and it is VERY business. Still no trouble keeping up. I really like the layout of the program. What is your first impression??


hello. I am Terry and do hand knitting.


Hi Terry! So glad you made it to the ClubKnit Forums!! lea-ann, masquerading as admin.


Hi @terrysyorkys, I’m tagging you . . . just have to use the @ sign and tags will show up . . . . wondering if you got the email digest yesterday? And, since I’m tagging you, you should get this in email and be able to just hit reply.


Good morning Lee Ann. I am using my desk top and nothing is the same. Can’t open new files like we did yesterday on the lap top. I will attempt to reach the web site.PS> I picked up the stitches on one side of the afghan and have knitted 2 rows.


Good job, Terry! Does it look like its lying flat??


I have so many projects in the works, several hand knit projects with the biggest one being a knit-a-long on Bernat Blanket yarn and 5 knitting machines that all have something going on each, a top for me, a lacy scarf, a blanket, a test top hopefully for me and swatches on my newest additon-SK560 electronic. Not sure when I think I’m going to finish all of these but I will.


yeah, you made it! Wow, I think between you and Kathy Harrod, I might have machine envy.


Hi LeaAnn, Much smoother navigating the site now. :slight_smile: I’m a hand knitter and a machine knitter. I also crochet, sew, embroider, and quilt. I can’t wait until I retire in about a year. Then I’ll gain a lot more time to feed my creative passions. Our knit club is still working on the TKGA Guild Sampler Vest. I’m putting together a worksheet and instructions in an Excel spreadsheet so we can just plug in our measurements and gauge and it will calculate the number of stitches and rows. Any chance you can make it to our club meeting Nov 12th at the Grabill Library?


Glad you made it Molly!!! There are still improvements to make but I’m glad
to take a break and work on projects!!
Trent is at drill this weekend so I am planning on being there the 12th.


Yup it is. I finished the side we started the other day. I am really disappointed though. I just don;t like the ridge on the wrong side. There must be a better way to pick up stitches or even some way to make the edging while knitting the row. We can talk about it over coffee some day. Anyway tonight I picked up the stitches on the other side and worked 3 rows. Only 7 more rows to go and then I am done with this. Will I need to block it.?If so I will need advice. Have never blocked anything before.I really enjoyed our time together the other day.


Hello, My name is Tammy and I am a hand knitter. Currently finishing the 3rd afghan for Christmas presents!


Glad you made it Tammy! Share pictures when you can.


Hi LeaAnn, lost my user and password, but found it right where I put so will be able to keep up. Hand knitting, and still working on lacy shawl, along with chemo caps for Parkview noble knitters.


Glad you found it, Sandra!! Sometimes my stuff is hiding right where I left
it too :slight_smile: