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Hi members, Facebook Yes/No? I’ve been kicking around adding a facebook group to our membership flow. I don’t want to add it though, if most of you don’t use facebook. Soooooo . . . . in the comments, facebook yes or no?? And, if Yes, what in particular would you like to see in the…


Yes, I use Facebook. I think that it would be appropriate to “reference” club activities just for the purpose of a reminder to members to go get details and non-members to possibly join…


I use Facebook - mostly for knitting & machine knitting groups. I don’t go every day - sometimes every several days. It’s always interesting to see what people are working on and what they’ve finished. I also enjoy seeing what people ask because the reply to questions often is a learning experience.


I use Facebook. I also don’t get there every day, just when I have time or know there is something there that I need to see.


I’ve set up a closed community on Facebook for me to broadcast live while I
work on a project. The first broadcast will be today at 1:00 while I
machine knit a hat for the course Get It Out Of The Box. If you want to
join me, click the word “here” in the blog post called “going live” at the page. the link to the blog post should also be
there in the forums under blog posts. Sorry I don’t have a direct link.

Lea-Ann McGregor
Knitting Today


Change of plans, the live broadcast will be a week from today.

Lea-Ann McGregor
Knitting Today
8040 E 500 S
Wolcottville, IN 46795


Yeap… Facebook is a good resource for me on many of my various interests…