Bond Ribber- machine knitting


Can anyone explain the Bond Ribber to me. Does this do all the ladders going up at one time? Do you like doing it that way or is the old way easier where you do each ladder separately? TY for your help.


Now this, I do have some experience with. The ribber sits perpendicular to the machine. Some stitches are moved to it and as the carriage passes across, it knits from both beds and thus a knit/purl patterned fabric is made.

The Bond ribber is notorious for being difficult to line up and make work properly mainly because it is plastic and tends to warp in the middle. Thus, I tend to just use the latch tool method of unlatching and relatching, Or in the case of a sweater ribbing, I’ll pick up and do it by hand after I’ve done the machine knitting. I find it easier to do it after because I can adjust my hand knitting needle to match the gauge of the machine part vs trying to adjust the machine part to match my hand gauge.

Hope this helps. Please reply with any further questions.